Fabrication Shop

Coenen Mechanical has moved to a new 130,000 square foot fabrication shop at 401 E. South Island Street in Appleton, WI. Our fabrication capabilities will improve the cost and timeliness that we can provide to our customers. The shop is divided into separate pipe and sheet metal fabrication areas. Separate fabrication areas help promote better quality control and allow us to track certifications, fabrication progress, and productivity. Our installation crews are capable of installing everything that we make in the shop including tanks, piping, ductwork, headers, structural steel and other custom fabrications.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Ductwork and sheet metal fabrication is a skilled art that requires experienced craftsmen to lay out the pieces correctly and assemble to meet the specifications.

We have recently installed a new Tauring Roccia 4 Roll Plate Roller capable of handling sheet steel up to 1/2” thick and 10 feet wide. This machine is electronically controlled which allows for smooth handling of the plate, and better precision and accuracy. The 4-roll design and the new control technology allows the roller to roll steel material in one pass compared to multiple passes on traditional rolling equipment. Single pass rolling offers higher output at a lower cost to our customers. This machine can be used to produce sections of tank wall from 12” to unlimited diameter.

Our XCS high definition 8’ x 20’ plasma cutting system offers dross-free cutting to 1 1/4”. The system is capable of cutting up to a maximum thickness of 4” carbon steel or 2” stainless steel. The CNC system allows us to cut fittings from a shape library or custom parts from downloaded prints. This machine can be used to produce parts and pieces to a 0.001” tolerance.

Our Cincinnati hydraulic press brake is used to form sheet metal and ductwork. The system includes a 350 ton CNC controlled brake and is capable of forming material up to 14 foot wide. The machine is capable of handling material up to 1/4” thick at full width and material 1/2”+ thick at standard sheet widths. This machine can be used to produce ductwork, bends, and other custom pieces.

The LVD Model JC-C 25/00 hydraulic power shear in our shop is capable of shearing steel plate in sheets up to 10’ wide and 1/4” thick. The machine is fully automated and allows the operator to make quick change adjustments. The remote foot switch on the machine also allows the operator to remotely control the shear, which is a safer operating practice. This machine can be used to shear large quantities of steel in a timely manner.

We use our Marvel 81 vertical band-saws to cut steel and other material in the sheet metal shop. The specialized saw is capable of cutting up to 18” x 20” steel material. In specialized mode, the saw cuts repeat items to length without the operator re-setting the unit between pieces.

Pipe Fabrication

Efficient fabrication of piping requires automated equipment capable of preparing and welding out pipe. Our pipe shop is capable of accommodating over 30 welders working at any one time. Our experienced tradesmen are capable of completing very detailed one-of-a-kind pipe spools. Large quantity pipe orders are typically completed using automated equipment that improves fabrication efficiency.

Our pipe shop also uses the Marvel 81 vertical band-saws to cut pipe and other material in the pipe fabrication shop. The saw is capable of cutting up to 18” diameter steel pipe.

The Millhog Commander automatic pipe machine is capable of beveling and facing pipe in one machining process. The electric drive allows the machine to be used either in the shop or field. It has capacity to prepare piping from 4 inch diameter through 14 inch diameter at any wall thickness. Our tradesmen use the machine to efficiently bevel pipe and produce identical weld joints every time, resulting in labor savings on preparation and welding.

Welding Positioners are used to complete full pass welds on pipe joints. The machines have a 3,000 lb capacity with adjustable tilt which allows us to complete welds in almost every position. They are capable of 360° rotation clockwise/counter clockwise, with adjustable speed control and up to 30,000 pounds of torque. These machines are used to position large, complex pieces in the best possible position for the tradesmen to weld.

Our commitment to our customers remains unchanged – call us today and let us help you with your project.

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