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Manufacturing plants use compressed air, natural gas, pneumatics, and hydraulic systems to make products. Using carbon/stainless steel, PVC, HDPE, and other materials in these systems is our focus. Let our expertise in design, layout, fabrication, and installation of these systems improve your manufacturing bottom line.

Featured Projects

Facility Expansion Piping Installation

As part of a large expansion at an energy generating facility in Wisconsin, Coenen Mechanical LLC was responsible for the fabrication, installation and relocation of utility piping. Work included installation of approximately 900 feet of 10” schedule 40 carbon steel pipe, 600 feet of 6” HDPE, 400 feet 4” HDPE, as well as multiple isolation valves, test connections and future tie points. A major facility shut-down was necessary to make the final tie-ins. Through careful planning and execution, the tie-ins were made safely and under the promised time. The project was completed in approximately four months.

Package Boiler System Installation

Coenen Mechanical was responsible for installation of a 300 HP/100 psi boiler system including the boiler, deaerator, skid mounted feed pump, steam/condensate/feedwater lines, and water make-up system. The system was installed and integrated into the plant’s manufacturing line.<p>As general contractor on this project, Coenen was responsible for layout and installation of equipment, procurement of piping, manual valves, and miscellaneous equipment, fabrication of piping, installation, start-up and commissioning.

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